• Perfect For Home, Kitchen, Travelling and camping ! ! !


    - Easy pull manual vegetable choppers can help you takes the hard work out of chopping & blending vegetables, fruits, nuts and herbs.

    - Just pull the cord a few times to to chop/mince/blend your ingredients,The more you crank, the finer the chop.

    - It is the quick and easy way to chop fruits, vegetables, herbs, nuts or create fresh salsas, coleslaws, salads in just

    - Allows you to chop everything quickly and easily, Save time and No tears any more when you chop onions, garlic and

    - Perfect gift for moms, professional chefs, cooks, healthy-conscious individuals, food enthusiasts alike.

    - Designed for a Perfect Chopping Job
    sharp stainless steel blades for fast chopping, comfort soft grip lid, easy pull cord, large handle for easy leverage.

    - Powerful & Versatile: Perfect for slicing vegetable salads, chopping nuts, herbs, veggies, pesto, hummus, salsa,
    guacamole, boneless meat, and more.

    - Compact & Safe to Use: 1000ml capacity. Great for small kitchens, RVs, travel and camping. Made from BPA-free

    - Easy to Clean: All of parts are removable and water washable.

    - Pull the easy-grip handle multiple times to chop increasingly finer pieces.

    - It can be used equally well as: a vegetable
    chopper, salad chopper, onion chopper (no tears), garlic chopper, herb chopper or as a general-purpose manual food

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